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UBER drivers may have not received tips that were intended for them resulting in a loss of income.  Federal and State laws may also require UBER to pay for job related expenses including insurance, gas, workers' compensation and car repairs.  

UBER drivers that fail to timely file a dispute may be prevented from receiving any money owed.  

The laws firms Napoli Law PLLC and Imbesi Law P.C. are committed to representing current and former UBER drivers that may be entitled to monetary compensation. 

The law firms have agreed to represent UBER drivers on a contingency basis: drivers will not have to pay the law firms any money if they do not get paid.

Contact the law firms today for a free consultation to determine if you qualify to potentially receive a cash payment. 
UBER driver awarded $3,622.08 to reimburse for car expenses and $256.00 for tolls: Labor Commissioner 

Uber driver that filed a claim with the California Labor Commissioner was awarded reimbursement for the money she spent to maintain her vehicle used while working for UBER.  The award used the 2014 IRS milage rate of $0.56 per mile.  The Uber driver established she drove 6,468 miles for UBER, resulting in an award of $3,622.08.  The former UBER driver was also awarded $256.00 for the amount of tolls she claimed she spent while engaged in driving for UBER.    

The full award can be viewed here.  

Donell W.
Lomita, CA

5.0 star rating 11/12/2014

My experience with this Law Firm couldn't have been better, It almost felt unreal. The line of communication between Jeanne and I was more than what was expected from Day 1. I was never out of the look on anything and what I like most was the passion Jeanne had for my case. I hope I don't ever need an attorney again but if I do, I know where to go. They went above and beyond for me. Thanks, much appreciated.
Anthony C.
Brooklyn, NY

4.0 star rating 9/30/2014

Mr. Vincent Imbesi was very thorough during our initial phone consultation which kept me calm even though I was a bit apprehensive about the process of seeking legal help due to prior negative experiences with different Law Firms. I had an awesome experience during every visit to Imbesi Christensen. Thus far in my legal battle we have had very positive results and I am confident that their hard work will continue to produce positive results. The firm has also been very responsive to any questions or concerns that I brought up and always seem happy to address them.

Mr. Imbesi has a very calm demeanor that makes me feel relaxed and welcomed. The staff was extremely pleasant and the wait time short. His staff including Marsha and Steven have been very genuine and understanding of my case and I have full faith that they will do their very best to represent me and put their best effort to have a positive outcome. This was hands down the best experience I've had with a law firm or any legal team for that matter. I highly recommend them!
Jessica B. 
Chandler, AZ

5.0 star rating 10/9/2014

I lost my job at a large broker dealer as a Financial Advisor after earning a promotion, and I can only speculate publicly as to the reason. However, I called and spoke with Vincent briefly (or not so briefly, I was fairly upset), and Brittany Weiner became my lawyer. I was between a rock and a hard place because my spouse is a wounded veteran, and my stepson also lives with us full-time, with all the pressure being on me to provide. Unfortunately, it's difficult to even sell insurance with a mark on your U5, false or not, so I was thankful for the assistance with my issue. A FINRA panel expunged my record, corrected the false "Yes", and rephrased the remaining sentence to more accurately reflect what happened. Granted, I'm still waiting on a court order from the NY Supreme court to change the publicly visible record, but at least now I have something to show potential employers that works in my favor. Ms. Weiner was very patient with me as well, given that I lived in Dubai and Shanghai during the year-long process, and was often on a different time zone, had difficulty accessing my email accounts due to government bans on communication methods, and was often buried in consulting work as I completed my MBA. My hearing was held on the telephone, and I was not forced to travel back and forth during my work as well, which saved my life. Given that the way I found the firm was to google law firms that have won against said large broker dealer, I really threw up a prayer and won this time, and I am very thankful for Ms. Weiner and Mr. Imbesi for taking up my case
Ricky S.
Cleveland, OH

4.0 star rating 9/30/2014

The law firm of Imbesi/Christensen took on my case which is a semi high profile case The case is still pending. However, I must say that they are doing for me what they said they would do and even more. Keep up the good work. Your efforts are really appreciated!! R.Spicer
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